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    Dear friends, my colleagues:

        Welcome to DONGGUAN YUGUANG IMP/EXP TRADING CO.,LTD, I thank you for paying attention to the development of YUGUANG on behalf of the enterprise.


        Looking back on the vicissitudes of 13 years, YUGUANG employees rose up in the adverse circumstance, in the difficult to move forward, try our best , paved an unyielding of entrepreneurship. Thirteen years is like a constant musical notes, retells the YUGUANG's glorious past, like a gold medal, embodies the company leadership, cooperation partners and friends from all walks of life and enterprise employees painstaking effort and sweat! YUGUANG will be grateful always remember everyone's deep kindness, and thus motivate yourself beyond innovation towards new greater success!


        At present, YUGUANG have right timeright place and right peoplebased on the big development, across the new historical starting point. Facing the new situation and new opportunities, we are fully prepared, made the development of long-term planning. We will be under the guidance of scientific concept of development, with main business, leading to the common development of investment, industry, etc. We will unswervingly implement the YUGUANG characteristic of the professional spirit, go the way to the rise of joint; Actively promote the enterprise transformation, unity between all levels of employees and partners win-win cooperation, so as to realize the strategic goal of company established.


        YUGUANG work hard to create good results.At the same time, we do not forget to construction and enterprise development of advanced corporate culture, constantly improve enterprise's soft power. Our short-term goal is to develop a young and capable team, become a first-class modern enterprise in ten years!