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         YUGUANG IMP/EXP TRADING CO.,LTD, registered capital of RMB50000000 , is a external trade comprehensive service corporateapproved by the Dongguan City Administration of industry and commerce, the national foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, the General Administration of Customs founded in March 22, 2000, located in 3/F,Yuguang Financial Center,Yuguang Foreign Trade Creative Park, Qiantou,East town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China. The existing staff of nearly 100 people, office areaof more than 1500 square meters. At present, the annual total import and export volume reached 4.2 million dollars.Was awarded China Top 500 Foreign Trade Private Enterprises 2015.


        YUGUANG has a solid economic foundation, comprehensive technology and experienced professional team, with the increasing growth ofimport and export trade, inorder to meet the needs of traders, import and export business, YUGUANG make export logisticscustoms declaration, commodity inspection, document service,foreign exchange settlement , export tax rebates and other one-stop service, for import and export enterprises tailoredoptimization scheme. YUGUANGmainly engaged in all kinds of import and export of goods and technology import and export, domestic trade and other business services. The main products aregolf bag, handbags, luggage, lamp act the role offing , footwear, toys, diving clothing, clothing, daily necessities, packing supplies, sports equipment, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, chargers, transformers, mould, steel, machinery and equipment and accessories and so on involving industry products, we have a wide rangeof commodity information network, customers around the world.


        YUGUANG since its inception, always uphold the "integrity services, quality management, law-abiding business" business attitude, through thevigorous developmentof nearly ten years, with the first-classproducts, the credibility of high quality and professional service for thedomestic and foreign customers consistent high praise. YUGUANG has a proficient team of operational ability of the backbone. Its factories morethan 300 partners, can satisfy the different customer demand andproduction of different products, canprovide a variety of internationaltrade programmers forthe guests to help sourcing overseas customers to develop the Chinese market, all worry about lifting the import and export business, and strive to provide professional, personalized, all-weather, all-round service for customers.


        We willcontinue to forge ahead ofthe rest, anddevote ourselves to the achievements beautiful career, forthe Foundry Company's industrialMonument and courage!